Welcome to Zizzersoccer.com – The home of the West Plains High School Boys and Girls Soccer Programs. Here you can find just about anything that has to do with Zizzer […]

Welcome to Zizzersoccer.com – The home of the West Plains High School Boys and Girls Soccer Programs. Here you can find just about anything that has to do with Zizzer or Lady Zizzer Soccer.

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West Plains High School is located in South-Central Missouri. The Boys Soccer Program began in the Fall of 1994. The Girls Soccer Program began in the Spring of 1997. In the Fall of 2001, West Plains High School began it’s first year as a member of the Ozark Conference. For District and State Competition the Boys Team competes in Class 2 and the Girls Team competes in Class 2.

In 2006, The Boys completed their most successful season — Finishing 3rd in the State of Missouri in Class 2.

For more information on the programs, check out the Zizzer Info and Lady Zizzer Info Pages.

Sometimes our performance on the field is great, other times it might not be as good. Each time out we strive to do our best as we represent ourselves, our families, our school, and our community. I’m not sure where this originated, but I have taken it and modified it slightly from the way I first saw it. This is what we try to teach our players.

Zizzer Soccer Motto

“Our goal is to be the best. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence on the field of play, in the classroom, and in life.

We are dedicated to the development of the team. We realize that only through our strengths as a team will we blossom and prosper as individuals. We will act responsibly for ourselves and one another, and respect the bond that merits a teammate.

We desire to conduct ourselves in a manner that brings honor to ourselves, our teammates, and our families. We respect the governing policies and rules of the team, the MSHSAA, and the laws of soccer.

To be the best is not a sacrifice that limits us, but rather a journey through highs and lows that challenges us to endure and to succeed.

To this journey we remain committed.”

What is a Zizzer?

The question is asked everywhere we go. Not even all of us actually know the answer. So here it is. The story of the Zizzer name according to the school website.

It all started in 1907 when the Senior class planned a small booklet of eight pages as a surprise to the Juniors on Class Day. This pamphlet contained a picture of the High School, the Class Day and Commencement programs, several essays, the names of the Senior Class, their yells and motto, and two or three stories on the Juniors. The Juniors decided to publish one the next year. When this 1908 volume was shown to Mrs. Phoebe Davidson, one of the faculty, she exclaimed, “Oh, what a Zizzer!” It was used on the annual book of essays and class pictures, what we call a year book. It was first used on the cover of the 1908 edition. From thereafter the book increased in content and size. So from that time to the present day it has been called “The Zizzer”.

“The Zizzer” is mainly a remembrance of the “good old High School days,” a book filled with memories of Senior struggles, frolics, and pranks. It is also a proof of the progress and a “booster” to the school. It is contributed to by all the classes and faculty.

The first newspaper to come out was called the “Fly Sheet,” and then changed to “Hot Number.” It finally came to rest as the “Zizzerette”, meaning the “little Zizzer”. In some years it was added to the back of the yearbook but was published up until 1925 when it was discontinued due to the depression. It was brought back in 1931 and 1932 being published Bi-monthly.

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