Photos Available

There are two places where you can look for photos of Lady Zizzer Soccer action. The first is the Zizzer Soccer Photos Link on the right hand column. I see that some of them are beginning to be uploaded from this season.

(Photo by Randy Hunt)

These are photos that have been taken by Randy Hunt. Randy has taken a lot of photos of Zizzer and Lady Zizzer soccer over the past few years. We really appreciate his efforts. Thanks Randy.

There are also photos taken by Steve Olson of This years photos are from the Glendale game at JFK. If Steve comes out to any more games, there could be more photos later (possibly Nixa, Ozark, or Districts – depending on his schedule). I will let him explain it to you:

Now is as good a time as any to introduce you to my new photo website as well. In an effort to cover expenses (time, gas, my supplies) I have set up a site that offers printing services. Click on the Slide Show link and you will be taken to the site. You can see full resolution photos and order a wide variety of photo products featuring your favorite players by your favorite soccer journalist. Your support, via purchase of photos, will be greatly appreciated.

I will continue to provide low resolution photos on the Flickr website

(Photo by Steve Olson,

which your team is welcome to use on your website to promote the team. Please provide attribution if you do use them and remember, non-commercial use only. I have also been uploading photos to my Facebook page so reach out and friend me if you want me to tag you and save you the hassles of downloading the Flickr photos. Questions?

If you don’t know who Steve is Read This. Steve runs the website which is THE source of soccer information in Southwest Missouri. He also hosts this site and many other soccer sites, free of charge and provides technical assistance when needed. Steve provides a great service to the soccer community. Thanks Steve.